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Cnr Cowden / Khami Rd, Lonela Industrial Complex,
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Flare supplies Pvt Ltd t/a Instant Road Repair (Zimbabwe) is a licensee of Instarmac plc UK, the manufacturers of Emcol (emulsion cold liquid) the liquid used in the manufacture of cold asphalt premix, used for the repairs of the roads, tennis courts, airport runways, cycle tracks and more. Flare Supplies has 3 semi autonomous divisions which are manned by highly skilled teams. These are; ? Manufacturing, cold mix manufacturing ? Road repair ? Optic Fibre Infrastructure Development and LAN division Flare Supplies is the sole franchise to manufacture and distribute Emcol IRR in Botswana and Zimbabwe. Emcol International is a UK-based company formed in 1976. They have developed a truly outstanding product known as Emcol Instant Road Repair (IRR). Emcol IRR is an instant repair compound used in road, footpath and airport runway repairs. The product may be used in any weather conditions, providing a permanent, cold-laid repair to potholes in macadam, asphalt and concrete. The repairs may be opened to traffic immediately upon completion. The superior quality of Flare SuppliesÂ’ products and equipment together with the fact that Flare Supplies Cold Asphalt is the only continuously graded material with consistent quality, make these products highly sought after by people that are serious about road maintenance and construction. INSTANT ROAD REPAIR USES Instant, easy & permanent repairs to potholes Infilling cable ducts, trenches and as joint fillers Reinstatement around manhole covers, landing Bridge deck and core hole repairs, ramping For motorways, aircraft runways, docks & more Bridge deck and core hole repairs, ramping Used by all industries, builders and homeowners

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Cnr Cowden / Khami Rd, Lonela Industrial Complex, SteeldaleBulawayo

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