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The Shipping & Forwarding Agents' Association of Zimbabwe (SFAAZ)

Office No. 6, Block Number 2, Longchen Plaza, Samora
Machel & Mutley Bend, BelvedereHarare
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The Shipping and Forwarding Agents' Association of Zimbabwe (SFAAZ) is a voluntary association of shipping lines, freight forwarders, customs clearing agents, bonded warehouse operators and in-house clearing importers and exporters. It was founded around 1955 with a mandate to represent the interests of its member companies. Estimates are that members of the association handle in excess of 95% of the country's commercial imports and exports. The customs clearing members of the association play a very significant role in import revenue collection on behalf of government. The association also has a mandate from its membership and an expectation from its stakeholders, including government, to be the vanguard of a very high level of professionalism and to provide competent and relevant training programmes for the industry. Industry Responsibility >The association offers a variety of high quality courses in freigh forwarding and customs clearing. Membership Benefits *SFAAZ has branch offices in major towns and most border posts. *The SFAAZ secretariat offers technical assistance to members where necessary. *SFAAZ is a membership driven organisation. It operates on the mandate of its members. *SFAAZ offers the only reputable industry training programs. The training programmes are internationally accredited. *SFAAZ provides the biggest networking platform of more than 200 freight forwarders and clearing agents in Zimbabwe. *SFAAZ is the communication nerve centre of the industry in terms of vital and timely information dissemination to and from its membership. *SFAAZ links you with other freight forwarders in the region and abroad through the association’s affiliation with regional and international organisations. *SFAAZ is the voice of the clearing and forwarding industry in Zimbabwe. It commands considerable respect from government, ZIMRA and other stakeholders. *Membership of SFAAZ denotes a certain level of professionalism. Members are expected to adhere to the provisions of the association’s values, constitution and ethical code of conduct. International Affiliation >SFAAZ is a member of the Federation of Clearing and Freight Forwarding Association of Southern Africa (FCFASA) and the International Federation of Freight Forwarding Associations (FIATA). Mission: •To protect and to represent the interests of Shipping, Clearing and Forwarding Agents. •To ensure quality service delivery standards through the adherence to a professional Ethical Code of Conduct by all our members. •To promote co-operation and understanding between members and other stakeholders.

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Office No. 6, Block Number 2, Longchen Plaza, Samora Machel & Mutley Bend, BelvedereHarare

Tel: Landline: 04 762617,04 762618,04 778419 | Mobile: 8644133493, 772306837

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