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Suit 6 Masca House House Number 119 & Kwame Nkrumah
Avenue Harare, Zimbabwe
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Background LA Guard Insurance Brokers is licensed as an insurance broker in terms of the Insurance Act chapter 24; 07 and was established in the year 1999.The company started as a sole agent trading as LA Agents in 1998. The unending search for excellence bid saw the company grew from strength to strength. This continuous growth and expansion gave birth to the current L A Guard Insurance Brokers (Pvt.) Ltd. Vision To be the leading broker in Zimbabwe and beyond, offering professional and par excellence service Mission Statement LA Guard Insurance Brokers seeks to achieve the confidence of customers through;

  • Security for insurance portfolios while giving competitive premium rates.
  • Prompt and appropriate attention to customers’ needs.
  • Professional approach in all business aspects
  • Building and retaining meaningful business partnerships.
LA Guard Insurance Brokers seeks to remain mindful at all times of its stakeholders needs. Such stakeholders include,
  • The insured
  • Shareholders
  • The community
  • The government
  • Business fraternity
  • Employees
  • To carry on business with integrity and good corporate governance.
  • To strive for excellence, transparency, and professionalism in service delivery.
  • To remain conscious of insurance market developments and opportunity identification
  • To strive to increase the shareholder value
  • To pursue total quality management principles and guidelines.
  • Personalized service delivery

Our Product Portifolio


Motor Vehicle Insurance

Full Third Party This gives you protection against legal liabilities in respect of death, bodily injury, or property damage to third parties. Losses or damage to your vehicle is not covered. Full Third Party Fire and Theft This is an extension of Full third Party cover to incorporate loss or damage to your vehicle as a result of theft or fire. This is suitable for vehicles which are not currently used on public roads. i.e. vehicles awaiting a certain mission or vehicles which have accomplished their mission Comprehensive Cover. This is an extension of Full Third Party Fire and Theft to incorporate accidental own damage to the vehicle. This is the widest form of cover and we would recommend you to adopt this form of insurance cover  

Home Comprehensive Insurance for Directors/Diplomats/Employees

This covers the building and the household contents of the house of directors, diplomats and employees against the following: ·         Fire, Lightning and Explosion ·         Flooding and Accidental damage ·         Theft Following violent entry or exit. NB: The building is defined to include outbuildings, fixtures and fittings, boreholes, pumps, gate motors etc. Discounts are given to buildings with security features.  

Assets All Risks Policy

This is a policy that protects your assets on “all risk basis” against defined perils which include: fire, explosion, earthquake, sprinkler leakages, theft/ burglary. This is covered under the following Sections: Fire & Allied Peris This covers loss to the Office Building/Chancellery and office equipment against fire and associated perils. Money This covers loss or damage to cash, stamps, cheques, postal orders and any other negotiable instrument. Cover is against accidental damage and theft Theft/Burglary This covers loss or damage to property following theft involving violent or forcible entry into or exit into the your premises Fidelity Guarantee This is a specific insurance designed to cover loss of money, property or distributable material as a result of dishonesty acts of the employees Electronic Equipment This covers loss or damage to electronic equipment, data carrying devices and external data media caused by insured perils. Glass This covers damage or loss to fixed internal and external glasses     Goods In Transit Cover/Marine Hull This covers aid equipment, assets i.e. while being distributed within Zimbabwe or while in transit into Zimbabwe.  

Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy

This gives 24 hour cover against accidental death or bodily injury on the lives of all employees caused by an outward violent and visible means. Benefits: Death : 3 years current annual earnings Permanent Disablement:  % of 4 years current annual earnings Temporary Total Disablement:  100% of current weekly earnings up to 52 weeks  

Business Travel Insurance

This gives 24 hour world wide cover for Diplomats, project managers and coordinators for losses incurred while traveling locally or internationally on business trips. This also includes cover for personal effects of diplomats, project managers and coordinators. ·         Medical Expenses ·         Emergency Evacuation or Repatriation ·         Accidental death, bodily injury or disablement ·         Overseas Funeral Expenses ·         Loss or damage to personal effects of the employee  

Liability Insurance

This is designed to protect you against third party liabilities in respect of death, bodily injury and property damage sustained in connection with your business. This can be taken in the following sections: ·         Employer’s Liability Insurance ·         General Public Liability Insurance  

Contractor’s Insurance / Project Insurance

This designed to cover property under construction and its related liabilities on “all risks basis”. Cover is taken up until the project under construction is handed over to the principal.      

Engineering Insurance

This is a product designed to cover the insured against electrical or mechanical breakdown together with associated liabilities to industrial plant and equipment.. Cover is normally provided to computers, boilers, lifts, lifting machinery etc    

Bonds & Guarantees

We also offer the following bonds and guarantees: ·         Goods In Transit Bond ·         Removal In Transit Bonds ·         Warehouse Bonds ·         Bid/Tender Bonds ·         Performance Bonds ·         Supply Bonds

Branches Contact Details for LA GUARD INSURANCE BROKERS

Suit 6 Masca House House Number 119 & Kwame Nkrumah Avenue Harare, Zimbabwe

Tel: Landline: 04 793079,04 793084,04 793088 | VoIP Tel: 08644121852 | Mobile: 0772573695 | Fax: +263 793079

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