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56 Douglas Rd, Workington, Harare, Zimbabwe
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About Us Formscaff (pvt) ltd has, for over 50 years been manufacturing and supplying scaffolding and formwork in zimbabwe. Starting off as GKN Mills the cmpanyis now wholly Zimbabwean owned and controls over 85% of the scaffolding and formwork market North of South Africa Formscaff supplies many different types of scaffolding, multi-purpose form panels for columns, beams and other structural constructions; form soldier systems as well as shutters for various applications. All these components and many more are supplied for hire or outright purchase by different segments of the construction, mining and engineering sectors. Other industries too hire scaffolding components for such applications as stages for musical concerts and religious gatherings Shelftech Engineeering is a strategic business unit of Formscaff (pvt) Ltd and operates under the auspices of Trippar Investments (pvt) Ltd. Prior to 2013, Shelftech has been operating as a direct divion of Formscaff and has been in existance for over 40 years Shelftech Engineering specialise in the design and manufacture of various types of shelving, mainly for tyhe retail trade, racking – both light and heavy duty for wholesale outlets and warehouses as well as the fabrication of light engineering products such as trolleys, display units and check out counters Shelftech also operates an Epox coating plant that enables the company to finish all its products in various baked colours Shelftech Engineering Shelftech Engineering is the trading name for Trippar Investments (Private) Limited. Shelftech Engineering has been in existence for over 50 years, having been a shelving and racking manufacturing division of GKN MILLS and then, more recently, of Formscaff (Private) Limited. Shelftech Engineering manufactures display shelving for various tradingsituations such as bottle-stores, hardware stores, departmental stores, pharmacies, supermarkets and even cash-and-carry outlets. In fact, the firm manufactures all kinds of steel shelving, including industrial shelving for archives, libraries, office filing and other applications.For medium to heavy duty storage, or displays for that matter,Shelftech Engineering is the leading manufacturer and supplier of versatile racking systems designed for warehouses, wholesalers, hypermarkets, cold and freezer room, among others uses. For years now, the various industries operating in Zimbabwe have also to come to rely of Shelftech Engineering for the design and manufactureof different types of trolleys. From supermarket trolleys to heavy duty warehouse trolleys, to bakery oven trolleys, bread display trolleys, carton trolleys, merchandising trolleys to airport luggage trolleys and not forgetting trolleys for hospitals, banks and hotels. All different types of trolleys designed and manufactured by Shelftech Engineering to efficiently help move goods and stand the test of time – and affordably too! Other items manufactured by Shelftech include pegboard and wire mesh display stands of different designs and for different goods! So for display shelving, medium to heavy duty racking systems, industrial shelving, trolleysdisplay stands and other steel goods for, especially, the wholesale, retail, warehousing operations, there is only one name you need remember: Shelftech Engineering – good service, better prices! PRODUCT LIST Gondola and display shelving Light, medium and heavy duty Racking Systems Industrial shelving Trolleys Peg-board and wire-mesh display stands Counters Restaurant and canteen table and chair sets School desks and chairs Our Products: Scaffolding Industrial Shelving Racking Systems Trolleys Library Shelving

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56 Douglas Rd, Workington, Harare, Zimbabwe

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