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5 Bates Street Milton Park, Harare
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Welcome to Eureka Insurance Brokers   Eureka completes the one stop shop concept of the group. We started operations in 2002 and are a member of the Zimbabwe Insurance Brokers Association (ZIBA). Short Term Insurance   Motor Insurance The motor policy covers loss or damage to the insured vehicle, spare parts and accessories. There are three categories of motor insurance namely:- Comprehensive - gives maximum benefits that include repairs to the vehicles, third party liability and loss resulting from theft. Full Third Party Fire and Theft - covers third party liabilities and losses arising from fire and theft. Full Third Party only - covers liabilities to third parties up to the agreed limit   The categories of vehicles covered are as follows:- Private cars Commercial Vehicles - including all types of passenger carriers Motor Cycles Trailers Caravans Fleets Motor Traders Home Protection The policy covers loss or damage to the insured's private dwelling house including all domestic offices, private garages, out buildings, their fixtures and fittings, walls, gates and fences (other than hedges). This policy also covers loss or damage to household goods and personal effects of every description for which the insured, or any family member residing with the insured is responsible. It also covers fixtures and fittings - the insured's own or for which he/she is responsible (not being landlord's fixtures and fittings) in the insured private dwelling house. The home insurance policy extends to cover clothing and personal effects normally worn or carried on or about the person, including pens, trinkets, jewellery, laptops and tablets, photographic equipment, sporting equipment (excluding golfing equipment unless specified). Personal items like cell phones, contact lenses, spectacles, pedal cycles and car radios need to be specified. Assets All Risks/Accident classes This policy is for the corporate entity. It is a package that covers loss or damage to property belonging to the insured, held in trust or on commission anywhere in Zimbabwe. The policy covers against risks of fire, lightning, explosion, earthquake, non-political riot, strikes, malicious damage, flood and spontaneous combustion. The policy also includes cover for accident/crime classes of insurance which enjoy considerable premium discounts. Examples are theft, goods in transit, plate glass, employees' personal effects, accidental damage to office machines and equipment and any other loss that is not specifically excluded by the policy. The packages come in the following forms:- Assets All Risks Consequential Loss Construction All Risks Machinery Breakdown Plant All Risks Other Golfing Equipment - Covers loss or damage to golf clubs, and golfing equipment including golf bags and caddy carts belonging to the insured. Hole In One - The insurance company will pay to the insured an agreed amount should the insured "hole out" in one shot on any golf course provided the "hole in one" is achieved during a game constituted in terms of the Rules Of Golf and is confirmed in writing by the secretary of the club under whose control the golf course falls. Accident - We arrange Group and Personal Accident insurance to suit your specific needs. Aviation/Marine - We deliver competitive insurance for your Aircraft, Boat and Imports/Exports. Liabilities - We are specialists in all aspects of liability insurance including: Public Liability Products Liability Directors and Officers Liability Bonds & Guarantees - Our experienced team can arrange these upon request.  

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5 Bates Street Milton Park, Harare

Tel: Landline: 04 791319,04 791326,04 791330,04 791332,04 791346,04 791353 | Fax: 04 791364 | Mobile: 772156162,772156163,772156164,772156165

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