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Aurex Holdings is the holding company for Aurex (Pvt) Limited a major jewellery manufacturer and Aurex Diamonds (Pvt) Limited which cuts and polishes diamonds mined in the country. Set up in 1992 the company produces and sells jewellery in the domestic and export markets. Operations are carried out in a custom built high security facility covering over 4 000 square metres which is located in Ruwa, 25 km East of Harare. What we do Aurex manufactures a wide variety of hand made and machine made jewellery. The manufacturing systems used provide versatility in meeting customers’ unique requirements. The company has the capacity to produce in gold and silver: Several different kinds of chains in varying styles, colours and karats. *Bangles earrings and bracelets. *Cast products such as >Plain wedding rings >Diamond or semi-precious stones studded bridal jewelry >Fashion jewellery >Artifacts such as the big five animals Continuous market research and product development using computers (CAD/CAM) ensures that Aurex continues to meet the ever-changing needs of its customers. This allows Aurex to custom make products according to customer specifications and unique requirements. To ensure that Aurex stays on top, there is ongoing quality improvement through benchmarking of the production process against best practices in the world. Vision – To be a major regional low cost producer of high quality hallmarked jewellery products. Mission – To achieve commercial success through beneficiating locally mined precious metals and gemstones by producing a wide variety of jewelry products that exceed stakeholder expectations. Brief History about Gold in Zimbabwe Gold mineralization in Zimbabwe is scattered throughout the country. Mining and trading in gold dates back to ancient times, when gold was an important exchange medium between the local people and traders from the East. Most of the mines in operation today are sited on or near some of the many ancient open pit workings. Thousands of deposits have been worked at one time or another in different parts of the country. Geological records show that more than 50 mines have individually produced more than 10 000 ounces per year. Ongoing exploration work indicates potential to increase production through expansion of existing mines and the opening up of new ones. The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has the sole responsibility of purchasing and refining of gold from producers through a wholly owned subsidiary called Fidelity Printers and Refiners. Aurex is licensed to buy its gold from the refinery or old jewellery from the public for recycling. Our Products: Aurex Holdings produces Jewellery in silver and gold. Our gold classes are – 9 karat, 14 karat, 18 karat, 22 karat and 24 karat. We can also custom make designs. *Men’s Wedding Rings *Ladies’ Wedding Rings *Jewellery Services: 1) Aurex (Pvt) Ltd is an authorized dealer of second hand jewellery and related artifacts. In order to protect the public and the company from criminal activities the following identification particulars of the seller are required: *Valid Identity Card or Passport or Drivers Licence. *Utility Account (i.e ZESA, ZINWA etc) with an issue date no more than 3 months old displaying the sellers name and current residential address. *NB: Post Office Box is not acceptable. 2) The company will conditionally accept unhallmarked products for assay purposes only. Following assay, the results will be communicated to the customer before sale negotiations are completed. 3) Aurex (Pvt) Ltd also does cleaning and repairing of our products. Please Note that all products will be assayed to verify caratage. Our Stores: 1) Aurex Factory Shop – 1 Hacha Road, Ruwa 2) Harare International Airport 3) Barbours Stores, Harare 4) 39 Argyle Road, Avondale, Harare 5) Meikles Store, Bulawayo 6) Home Sweet Home, Gweru 7) Meikles Store, Mutare 8) Victoria Falls International Airport

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1 Hacha RoadRuwa

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