Remembrance Drive, Harare
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Zimbabwe's best internet radio station bringing you a plathora of passionate and talented djs /hosts as they take you through the best musical entertainment shows, discussion forums and up to date news. KEEP IT LOCKED HERE ON ZIMPOWERFM the only radio that empowers TOGETHER WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL. ABOUT ZIMPOWERFM Our Goal Our focus is on the empowerment of Zimbabweans wherever they may be. Many people find it hard to tackle family, social, political and economic issues affecting them at personal and family level and consequently this affects the community at large. Empowerment of Zimbabwean community wherever they are is our aim. However, we will bring more shows supporting empowerment of women and as you know this is a topical issue round the globe at the moment. Reports show that increasingly women are spending more time on social media than on any other form of entertainment. Our Mission To be a radio station where individuals, families and communities open a dialogue on any issue that affects them, debate and ground issues to solutions that people can use to solve personal and community matters. We are the first radio station to go frank on every social, economic and political issue that Zimbabweans face. We bring dedicated and highly skilled, knowledgeable andskilled radio presenters and so we hoping to bring same listeners. As Zimbabwean community we have to restore and reengage communities in a more consistent, educational and professional manner. Our Vision We want a radio station where every Zimbabwean has a platform for communication, can debate, speaks out, listens and gets engaged in a respectful and tolerant manner. We pride ourselves to be the best UK based Zimbabwean radio station with best and quality programs, listeners and presenters. This is a radio station that will be automatically switched on. Our Values People centred-we believe our listeners come first Empowerment-every listener is empowered and can empower others. We believe empowering women is empowering our country. We still have many women who cannot speak for themselves. Once a mother is silenced a family crumbles Learning culture-when we listen from others attentively , we learn from their experiences Tolerance-every human being has their own views and so let them come out Quality-our radio presenters, listeners and programs will be continuously assessed for quality. Our Motto TOGETHER WE STAND , DIVIDED WE FALL..

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Remembrance Drive, Harare

Tel: Mobile: 02081447666

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