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No. 26 Fereday Drive Eastlea, Harare
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About ZIB

Zimbabwe Insurance Brokers Limited (ZIB) has been in existence for more than two decades and is currently the only ISO certified broker in the country having been formed in 1985 by the then ZimRe, the largest reinsurance company in the country. It has grown to be among the top players in the insurance broking industry, with offices in Harare, Bulawayo, Gweru and Mutare. This was achieved through creativity, innovativeness in business retention and development as opposed to mergers and takeovers. Since formation, the company has experienced phenomenal growth through adopting competitive strategies which has made it one of the largest locally owned insurance broker and a pace setter in the market. In 1994, ZIB was converted into a Public Company through a secondary listing conducted via the Post Office. In 1995, ZIB setup Reinsurance Brokers International (RBI). In 2006, ZIB was ISO certified through the Standards Association of Zimbabwe and to date re-certificated by the same board under the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, making it still the only broker that has this certification in the country. This is a symbol to its market that the company will always continue to dedicate its operating processes and systems to maintain international standards in servicing its clientele. Regionally, we have associate offices in Mozambique (Commercial Insurance Services, LDA) and Uganda (Southern Union Insurance Brokers, (U) Limited) respectively under management contracts. We commit ourselves to understanding the risks that may affect your ‘well being’ whether it be on a business or personal level. It has been and still is our mandate to guarantee that we do whatever it takes to ensure your insurance issues are catered for as fast as possible. At ZIB we go the extra mile so that you can have a peace of mind. Our promise – with all pieces to the puzzle we guarantee cost effective and innovative solutions to risks aligned to your business or personal needs. Our Vision – To be the preferred broker in the provision of risk management solutions. Our Mission – To provide valuable risk management solutions to customers in line with our principles and values. Principles -  Integrity, Consistency, Transparency, Empathy. Values – Customer Driven, Proactive, Innovative, Competitiveness, Teamwork. Why Choose ZIB?
  1. You stand to benefit from our professionalism and expertise on Insurance and Risk Management matters.
  2. Our service is free of charge to the client as commission is paid by the insurer.
  3. We ensure prompt and fair claims settlement and negotiate borderline claims on your behalf.
  4. We have got international and regional connections whose expertise we can tap on when faced with unique risks.
  5. We have got the largest branch network, being located in Harare, Bulawayo, Gweru and Mutare. We can therefore reach our clients anywhere in the country in the shortest possible time.
  6. We are the first and only ISO certified Broker.
  7. We have a sizeable amount of business in Commercial, Private, Industrial, Construction, Mining, Parastatals,Local Authorities, Non Governmental Organizations and Educational institutions. We are therefore positioned to handle any class of insurance.

Shareholding Structure:

The shareholding structure of Zimbabwe Insurance Brokers Limited is made up of:
  • ZimRe Holdings Limited (ZHL) as the major shareholder;
  • And other minority shareholders.
  Our Services:

Assets All Risks

ASSETS POLICY This policy covers tangible property belonging to the organisation or held by them in trust or on commission for which they are responsible. This includes, but is not limited to:
  1. Buildings, being office blocks, factories, laboratories, colleges etc
  2. Contents of buildings - comprising furniture, stationery, fixtures and fittings,
  3. Plant and Machinery e.g. Transformers, generators, Processing plant
  PERILS COVERED, FIRE AND ALLIED PERILS FIRE AND ALLIED PERILS The above definition embraces the following:
  1. Fire and Lightning
  2. Explosion
  3. Earthquake
  4. Non-Political riots, strikes and Malicious Damage
  5. Special Perils (impact by vehicles and trees, storm, hail, wind, rain, and flood damage)
  6. Spontaneous Combustion
  ACCIDENT PERILS These are also subject of the Assets All Risks policy. Loss or damage to, or as a result of:
  1. Theft following force or violence
  2. Money (and other negotiable instruments)
  3. Plate Glass
  4. Goods in Transit within Zimbabwe
  5. Employees Personal effects
  6. Accidental Damage to office machinery.
  BUSINESS INTERRUPTION  Cover is also available under this policy to cater for:
  1. Increase in cost of working
  2. Reduction in Turnover
  3. Following damage resulting from Fire and Allied perils
  ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE  Covers costs of tracing outstanding debtors as well as compensation for untraceable debts following destruction of records. If you need a quotation for an Assets policy, contact us SELF-INSURANCE  There are instances where it is more beneficial to retain the risk and make provision for future losses than to pass it on to insurers. We are well positioned to advise on self-insurance.

Engineering Insurance

Motor Insurance

Marine Hull and Aviation

Marine Cargo


Other Classes

Employee’s Benefits: Business Unit Objective The division deals with long term business and is more to do with employees' welfare. In the main, we provide consultancy services and secretarial services to;
  • Insured Funds,
  • Group life assurance schemes,
  • Health Schemes and;
  • Group funeral schemes
  We do not have a standard approach to longer-term appointments. Instead, we develop a smart and professional service that meets your long-term needs and requirements. In that light, we continually strive to:
  • Be a leader fund consultancy and administrator.
  • Create and maintain excellent relationships with clients and the stakeholders.
  • Maintain integrity in our dealings at all times by effectively utilising, safeguarding and maintaining the assets and resources under our control and eliminating unnecessary expenditure.
  • Be a harbour of proactive solutions with regards to employee benefits.
  • Uphold the service level agreements.
  Consultancy Services We provide varied consultancy services to Insured Pension Funds, Group Life Assurance Only Schemes, Group Funeral Schemes and Health Insurance Schemes. The implied general obligations to your Fund under the arrangement, including value adding, would be as follows:
  • Review Fund expenses.
  • Assess the impact of investment decisions with a view to protect the members,
  • Report on market trends.
  • Analyse performance of the investment manager and provide comparative performance figures for the investment managers.
  • Assist the Trustees with background information when appointing other service providers.
  • Benefits review and design
  • Recommend other service providers, where necessary.
  • Trustees Training and Staff address
  Secretarial Services Under the arrangement, we provide full secretarial or administration services to self-administered pension funds and would assume the following duties: Strategic Functions
  • Undertake all legwork of setting up the pension fund
  • Appointment of service providers.
  • Craft, sign and enforce service level agreements
  • Establish an annual pension business plan with the Trustees.
  Secretarial services
  • Arranging and coordinating meetings
  • Distributing papers and preparing the minutes
  Administration services
  • Scheme governance and record maintenance
  • Preparation of draft annual reports and accounts
  • Claims settlement
  • Compilation of statistical data
  Compliance with legislation
  • Legislation changes update
  • Drafting of appropriate Rule amendments
  • Complete and submit statutory returns
  Employee Education and advice
  • Employee workshops/Seminars
  • Retirement advice
  • Communication of pension benefits
  Coordination of professional advisers
  • To ensure you get the best team from your professional advisers
  • Effective performance standards
  • Service level agreement.
  • To ensure that various investment options are provided for the client's consideration.
  • To provide performance comparisons of asset managers and bonus declarations of insurers.
  Benefit review and design
  • Introduce ancillary benefits to Fund, where necessary.
  • Regular review of benefits in line with the prevailing market conditions, legislation and company objectives.
Online line forms Download the following forms Admission of new entrant form Employee Benefits Proposal form Exit Claim Form Quotations        
  • Pension Fund/Funeral Scheme/Group Life Assurance quotation
  Self Administered forms
  • New entrants
  • Withdrawal/voluntary resignation
  • Retirement
  • Death
  • Nomination of beneficiary
  Personal accident The cover afforded by this policy is in respect of compensation for death or injury to the insured person by accident. Accident in this case as defined as external violent and visible mean. The cover is suitable for individuals and organizations and provides the following benefits: Death: Pays a multiple of one's annual earnings to dependents of the deceased Permanent Disablement: Compensation is according to extent of disability Temporary Total Disablement: Meets the employee's earnings for up to two years Medical Expenses: meets medical expenses arising as a result of the accident If you need a quotation for a Personal Accident, contact us.     In its simplest form, Risk Management means knowing at all times:
  • What your risks are.
  • What they mean in financial terms.
  • What can reasonably be done to eliminate or reduce them.
  • What financial resources you have to absorb them economically.
  • What Insurance is necessary for the potential catastrophes, which remain.
  This approach should form the basis of your Protection Plan. The principles are the same for all enterprises, big and small. Insurance must not be looked upon in isolation as the only real answer to risk. It is conditional and its effectiveness depends on many factors in which the human element plays a vital part. It is a financial system, which, in itself, is incapable of meeting all losses. Human Life, loss of time, lost opportunities for profit and loss of goodwill are but a few examples. Consequently, insurance is better bought last when all other risk management techniques have been adopted. Only then can one expect to secure protection in the fullest sense. If Risk Management is to be a sound foundation to your protection, top management must be seen to identify themselves with its objectives. The greater the degree of self-insurance, the greater the importance of risk improvement as a basic responsibility. This service is offered free of charge to our clients


No. 26 Fereday Drive Eastlea, Harare

Tel: HARARE Tel: 04 779775,04 779760,04 779774 | BULAWAYO Tel: 09 78641,09 78643 | GWERU 54 25069,54 22258 | MUTARE Tel: 20 66120,20 66050

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