Zimbabwe Economic Policy Analysis and Research Unit (ZEPARU)

55 Mull Road, BelvedereHarare
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ZEPARU is an autonomous think tank established by a Deed of Trust on the 14th of March 2003 following the signing of a Grant Agreement between the Government of Zimbabwe and the African Capacity Building Foundation on the 5th of October 2001. Since ZEPARU’S inception in 2004 economic research and policy analysis have been the core activities of the Institution’s professional backbone. Objectives and Functions of the Trust The mandate of ZEPARU is defined by the following objectives and functions of the Trust within the Deed of Trust: ~ Promote and conduct research and analysis on macroeconomic and development policy issues which are of relevance to Zimbabwe. ~ Monitor the performance of the Zimbabwean economy and the management of public policy implementation, especially with regard to the implications for economic and social development. ~ Offer advice and consultancy services to agencies of Government and other clients under suitable contractual or other arrangements. ~ Provide technical and financial assistance, directly or indirectly, to individuals and organizations in Zimbabwe as deemed for purposes of facilitating policy analysis. ~ Assist in professional training and development activities for the Government and other stakeholders to strengthen national policy analysis and management capacity. ~ Encourage collaborative research and policy analysis and work with other local and foreign institutions in ways which will build or augment national capacities for performance and understanding of policy analysis. ~ Employ staff members who will themselves, or jointly with other organizations or qualified people, carry out research, consultancy, training and education projects, including the arrangement of contractual relationships designed to facilitate such activities by persons affiliated with the Trust. ~ Present or publish as the case may be, the outcome of its policy analysis, orally or in writing, to individuals, organizations or the general public at large. ~ Mobilize and administer funds to be used for achievement of the objectives and performance of the functions of the Trust. ZEPARU engages in social and other policy analyses by establishing appropriate sub-contractual and outsourcing arrangements with experts from other disciplines, local and foreign consultants, universities and research institutions. This is meant to create the necessary linkages to exploit the wealth of national talents existing in the public and private sectors, universities and other research institutions. Under these arrangements, ZEPARU’s role is one of quality assurance. ZEPARU is also provides training for officers in Government Ministries and Agencies that are responsible for economic policy management. This is done through funding postgraduate training fellowships and other professional development activities such as in-service courses, work attachments to local, regional and International institutions, workshops, conferences and seminar programmes. This is meant to strengthen the skills base of officers within the public sector for public sector effectiveness and efficiency.

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55 Mull Road, BelvedereHarare

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