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Progressive Insurance Brokers (Pvt) Ltd

8th Floor Cabs Centre, Jason Moyo Avenue, P.O. Box
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Progressive Insurance Brokers represent an important segment in an Insurance Marketing mechanism and through a process of evolution several marketing concepts and theories have developed with various goal attainment of efficiency in acquirement, distribution and services. The chief differences among the Brokership thresh hold is amongst methods and quality of their procurement, management and distribution techniques centered on the broad thresh hold of Insurance Brokership. Progressive Insurance Brokers experienced flight from the traditional system and parlance of Brokership to a more diversified participation in the business of insurance. We as Progressive Insurance Brokers have evolved from a backgrounds of sells, Marketing and Underwriting, Progressive Insurance Brokers have professionally equipped and developed themselves as a corporate team through skill acquirement in preferential areas of Insurance Broking in Zimbabwe which are: *Training *Marketing *Advertising *Underwriting These emphatic areas have recorded diversity in insurance applications with strategic business synergies with various Funeral Insurance Underwriters, Life Assurance and Short Term Underwriters. The following applications effectively add value to the insurance business in relation with insurance underwriters through various areas of specialty as: *Risk identification *Risk assessment *Risk profiting *Risk quantification *Risk portfolio management The purpose of thorough risk functions in Progressive Insurance Brokers is to conduct preliminary risk mapping and evaluation of risk and on such findings design effective robust products and insurance instruments jointly with various underwriters to mitigate and moderate the severity in risk. The insurance device model of pooling risk and losses is effectively applied in our village set up as Village Insurance Cover that is synergized with underwriters to design an insurance product as Funeral Micro Village Insurance Cover this moderates the mortality risk financial outlays through increasing mortality in the villages. The Insurance Broking is key in all aspects of Insurance. The product cartel also expertise’s into short term products which range motor vehicle insurance both third party and comprehensive packages, house hold insurance Mining and Agric business insurance.

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8th Floor Cabs Centre, Jason Moyo Avenue, P.O. Box 2439Harare

Tel: Landline: 04 797536,04 731026 | Fax: 04 797536

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