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Payserv Zimbabwe

Stand 907 Premium Close Mount Pleasant Business Park,
Mount Pleasant, P.O. Box MP 470Harare
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Payserv Zimbabwe is a subsidiary of the Payserv Africa Group, a joint venture between Cambria Africa Plc, a long term active investment company and Johannesburg based Nurture Investments Holdings an alternative asset management and advisory firm. The Payserv Group provides payments and business process outsourcing services targeted at Banks and financial related sectors whether including Small/Medium Enterprises, startups, microfinance companies and those seeking access to the unbanked in the COMESA Region. Vision: To create the most profitable and sustainable multi-country electronic payments processing and business process outsourcing company in the COMESA region, differentiated by its ability to serve the end-consumer. Mission: Significant presence in at least eight countries in the COMESA region with highly valued companies by 2018. Values: Professionalism Customer focus Confidentiality Integrity Outsourcing Business Process Outsourcing, the contracting of non-core activities by a company to an external expert agent is a strategic choice being made by many successful companies globally. This choice enables a company to focus on its core activities whilst delegating non-core activities to an external agent who has the expertise, experience as well as a shared platform thus achieving efficiency and significant cost savings. Our competencies enable us to structure payment and related processes suitable for financial institutions and corporate players in the Zimbabwe market, linking all financial institutions across all electronic platforms and then offer these as service to the market. We also offer key outsourced technology services for Banking, HR management and IT security administration. For SMEs, including microfinance institutions, our platform enables easy access to national payment platforms and economic access to back-office management technology. Our payments systems enable the financial institutions to reach the unbanked. Why should you consider outsourcing? You can reduce and control operating costs Focus on your core business Improve quality of your products and services and gain access to world class capabilities Increase speed to the market Foster innovation Conserve capital Free your resources for other purposes. Why should you consider Payserv? We’re a well-run, corporate organisation We understand local conditions We’re young, progressive and dynamic Building relationships are fundamental to success Paynet The leading provider of financial processing services to the market through all Financial Institutions. The Paynet System helps Banks automate their back offices, eliminating inbuilt costs associated with manual and semi-automated payments processing. It further saves on costs for the financial institutions customers’ through automation of payment instructions delivery, while affording them ability to receive electronic reports from the banking institutions. The processing services include: Electronic Funds Transfer Management Systems – PayFT and PayData, designed for retail and corporate payments including salaries Core Banking and other back-office process systems for Financial Institutions E-Commerce solutions Autopay Staying focused on your core values is crucial to the success of your business. As your Human Resources outsourcing partner – we provide you with cost-effective HR solutions and salary processing payments - so your company can be totally free of administrative burdens. Autopay runs the largest privately owned Salary service bureau and also offers outsourced HR administration services in Zimbabwe. Our solutions give HR Managers the opportunity to focus on strategic HR issues and therefore higher value to the company while accessing efficient HR Administration support. Our services include: Salary Bureau Services HR Administration Services Cloud Hosted Services Loanserv Offers a loan management system to loan disbursing agents including banks and microfinance houses, NGOs and private companies. Established in 2005 with a unique approach to payroll based lending, Loanserv (Tradanet) is Zimbabwe’s only outsourced processor of high volume, low value loans. On behalf of financial institutions, Loanserv facilitates loan origination at the employer’s site, and manages repayments from salary deduction and subsequently monitors portfolio performance. For employers, Loanserv automates the administration of internal staff loans. Softserv Offers Deployment and management of IT Security, HR and Payroll Management software solutions. Deployment of the solutions comprises the following: Product selling Customized Implementations Training Post-implementation support IT consultancy

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Stand 907 Premium Close Mount Pleasant Business Park, Mount Pleasant, P.O. Box MP 470Harare

Tel: Landline: 04 369214,04 369230 | Mobile: 772218546, 772606548, 772600916,731600916 , 731606548 | Fax: 04 369233,04 369236

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