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42 Palmer Road Milton Park, Harare Zimbabwe
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Overview Nettcash is the most comprehensive mobile money platform on the market. With Nettcash any existing phone can be used as a payment tool, no matter the handset or operator. NettCash services are delivered through a variety of channels and these include Secure SMS, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), WEB and USSD. In addition to NettCash e-Wallet solutions, we offer a variety of services that include but are not limited to: Bill and Merchant Payments Salary and Pension Disbursement Airtime Top Up Voucher Distribution and Ticketing Loyalty Schemes and Gift Vouchers Aid Distribution and Health Applications Microfinance Solutions E Commerce Remittances Nettcash is an integrated solution, banks, microfinance organizations and other financial actors can benefit from secure, convenient, and affordable mobile transactions. Our promise With NettCash you will securely and conveniently transact across all networks at the least cost. Nettcash mobile money brings financial inclusion to every user. Every feature of Nettcash is designed with this in mind. Security Nettcash uses a unique contactless transaction technology called Near Sound Data Transfer (NSDT™). This contactless transaction technology brings the same level of security and user experience as NFC/RFID but without requiring a special chip or application on the phone. NSDT™ uses the mobile phone's audio channel to transmit secure transaction data (OTP, electronic signatures, certificates…) and is protected by a portfolio of 9 international patents. NSDT™makes secure contactless transactions possible for every existing phone in the world. Our Services: NettCash Wallet: Anyone with a cell phone can conveniently and securely store, send, and spend funds using NettCash mobile wallet. Funds are loaded on the wallet via various sources including money transfers, salaries and pensions, bank accounts, loans, cash deposits, etc. The NettCash wallet is used to pay bills, make purchases in stores and on the web, or transfer money to others. Merchant Payment: Customers can pay with their phone in a point of sale. This changes the rules of mobile payment by offering retail-appropriate proximity payments and offering electronic payments to billions of un-banked phone owners. All existing cell phones can be used. E-commerce: With a few clicks (and an NSDT™ “chirp”) anyone with a cell phone can make purchases online conveniently and securely. This revolutionizes online shopping by attaining “SIM card-present” security and opening e-commerce to billions of un-banked mobile phone owners. Remittances: Convenient money transfers to any cell phone: on the web, with an agent, or on the go. All you need is a cell phone. The recipient may retrieve cash or spend funds directly in a store or on the web using their phone to secure the transaction. Salary Disbursement: NettCash offers businesses a secure and efficient means of disbursing salaries to their workforce. Any employee with a cell phone can receive their salary on a stored value NettCash account. They can withdraw cash or use their phone to buy goods and services. Bill Payments: All utilities companies can offer uniquely flexible, secure, and accessible bill payment via NettCash to be sure their customers pay in a timely fashion at the lowest cost. Airtime Top-up: Purchase airtime on the go, on the web, or with an agent. All airtime top-up channels are multi-operator and all phones can be used without prior enrollment or special apps. ATM Withdrawals: NettCash offers secure ATM cash withdrawals using a mobile phone. This opens ATM services to the unbanked. All ATMs are NSDT-ready without any hardware modification. Loyalty Solutions: NettCash offers two types of loyalty solutions: Prepaid account services and customer rewards services. Any customer with a phone can use their mobile to benefit. Gift Vouchers: NettCash offers a convenient and secure way to give and spend gift vouchers on the web or in a store. Any e-commerce website can offer this service to anyone with a phone. Health Applications: NettCash boosts efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare in underserved areas. The patient’s mobile phone is both their identifier and payment means. Microfinance Solutions: User-friendly voice-based services replace paperwork to make microfinance services centralized, secure, accessible, and efficient. The beneficiary may cash-out their loan or use the money to make purchases directly using their phone.

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42 Palmer Road Milton Park, Harare Zimbabwe

Tel: Landline: 04 778338,04 778346 | Mobile: 8644041008

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