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Muvingi & Mugadza Legal Practitioners

7th Floor, Pegasus House, 52- 54 Samora Machel
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Muvingi & Mugadza Legal Practitioners is a distinguished Law firm registered with the Law Society of Zimbabwe whose expertise and practice has continually expanded and evolved over the years in conformity with clientÂ’s requirements. The firm has a rich history spanning from 1982 and offers a full range of legal services due to diverse qualifications and specialization of the legal practitioners. The firm has a tradition of success that few other firms can match. Vision A leading dynamic and innovative Legal Brand Mission Statement Committed to delivering high quality legal services and treating our clientsÂ’ business as more than just an isolated transaction Our Values Integrity: We work with clients openly, honestly and sincerely Excellence: We are only satisfied in delivering excellent services. This is achieved through being efficient and effective in our operations Respect: We treat clients, opposing counsel, Court Staff and the Court as we would like to be treated ourselves. We do not tolerate abusive or disrespectful treatment. Communication: We have an obligation to communicate and to listen to our clients. We are geared for agility, efficiency and accessibility through our geographic footprint, the range of legal services we offer, the way we structure them and how we interact with our clients Innovation: We embrace the use of technology to help us run our business and improve the quality of services we provide our clients. Keeping up with tomorrow is as important as being great today.

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7th Floor, Pegasus House, 52- 54 Samora Machel AvenueHarare

Tel: Landline: 04 798214 ,04 790843

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