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Innscor Africa Limited

7 Greenock Road WorkingtonHarare
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OUR VISION To create, own and operate world-class and dominant intellectual property and where possible to extend this intellectual property through backward or forward integration into manufacture or retail. The group will provide strong distribution and marketing solutions to ensure that it takes advantage of the value add process in each part of the fast moving consumer goods chain in which it operates, resulting in the availability of high quality products at affordable prices. OUR COMPANIES & STRUCTURES: BAKERIES & QUICK SERVICE RESTAURANTS; Chicken Inn – 45 outlets Pizza Inn – 28 outlets Creamy Inn – 33 outlets In-store Bakeries – 13 outlets Baker’s Inn & Mr Baker – 43 outlets Fish Inn – 2 outlets Steers – 7 outlets Nando’s – 12 outlets Convenience Stores – 4 outlets Haefeli’s – 2 outlets Inns Express – 6 outlets Customer at Fish Inn Harare COLCOM: Triple C Pigs Colcom Foods Ltd Greatrift Delight (Pvt) Ltd Associated Meat Packers (Pvt) Ltd Intercane (Pvt) Ltd Freddy Hirsch Group (Pvt) Ltd – Associate Company Colcom worker inspecting sausages on the production line DISTRIBUTION GROUP AFRICA: Innscor Distributuion Comox Trading Eagle Agencies Snacks Sales & Distribution Distribution Group Africa worker checking inventory HOUSEHOLD GOODS: TV Sales & Home outlet in Avondale Harare APPLIANCE MANUFACTURING: Capri TV SALES & HOME TV Sales & Home – 22 outlets Your Space – 2 outlets Sony Concept Store – 1 outlet Samsung concept store – 1 outlet Kunzwana Mart – 1 outlet SPAR: Exterior shot of The Bridge Spar SPAR FRANCHISED OUTLETS SPAR stores – 51 outlets SAVEMOR stores – 12 outlets SPAR Express – 5 outlet TOPS bottle stores – 4 outlets SPAR CORPORATE STORES Letombo Park SPAR Groombridge SPAR Borrowdale Village SPAR Mutare SPAR Golden Stairs SPAR SPAR DISTRIBUTION SPAR Distribution Centre Freshpro Harare ASSOCIATE AND OTHER BUSINESSES: National Foods Holdings Ltd Irvine’s Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd Natpak (Pvt) Ltd Breathaway Food Caters (Pvt) Ltd Shearwater Adventures (Pvt) Ltd Irvine's worker loading eggs into machine Innscor Region: BAKERIES & QUICK SERVICE RESTAURANTS Galito's outlet in Zambia Chicken Inn – 31 outlets Pizza Inn – 51 outlets Creamy Inn – 60 outlets Bakers Inn – 14 outlets Steers – 1 outlet Convenience Stores – 26 outlets Rhapsody’s – 1 outlet Galitos – 24 outlets Vasili’s – 1 outlet DISTRIBUTION GROUP AFRICA DISTRIBUTION ZAMBIA Innscor Distribution Comox Trading DISTRIBUTION MALAWI Innscor Distribution Comox Trading Distribution Group Africa employee packing cereal boxes SPAR: Foxdale SPAR Zambia SPAR ZAMBIA FRANCHISED OUTLETS SPAR stores – 7 outlets SPAR CORPORATE STORES Arcades SPAR Downtown SPAR Soweto SPAR Crossroads SPAR Northrise SPAR Foxdale SPAR ASSOCIATE AND OTHER BUSINESSES: The River Club – Livingstone, Zambia The River Club on the banks of the Zambezi river Zambia

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7 Greenock Road WorkingtonHarare

Tel: Landline: 04 665158,04 665185,04 666830 | Mobile: 772104360 , 772133374

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