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Gambe & Partners

91 Livingstone Ave, Cnr 8th and Livingstone Ave Harare
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Mission: Our Mission is to render legal services to our clients efficiently, ethically and at competitive charges, and fair return to the firm. About Us: The firm is currently manned by three Legal Practitioners, three trainee Legal Practitioners, quasi-legal professional staff, legal secretaries and clerks. The firm prides in its capabilities and is cognizant of the fact that the measure of success in legal services delivery is judged by the measure of client satisfaction. We measure this by degree and numbers of retainer of work, client renewals, referrals and feedback from clients. The firm is driven by team spirit. Every member of the firm from the Senior Partner to the cleaner is regarded as and actually plays a pivotal role in service delivery. Although the firm’s services have a bias towards commercial legal services and conveyancing and debt collection, it also runs a vibrant litigation department. All the Legal Practitioners are versatile in all the areas. The supportive professional staff in the conveyancing and debt collection departments are well trained and experienced to handle all the practical aspects of the legal service delivery save for the signing of documents. Lodging clerks expertly scrutinize documents which would have originated from the drafters The firm is driven by a desire and actually delivers legal services within the time limits expected and agreed with the client and strives to produce the best results in each circumstance. Professional legal ethics are paramount to service delivery. The firm regularly consults with its clients as a two way feed back mechanism CHARGES: The firm charges are governed by the Law Society guidelines. However there are other circumstances which can affect the charge rate in some cases. These include the complexity of the matter being handled, and whether specialized skill or knowledge is required. However clients are always advised of the charges before hand. Practices; Commercial Law: We are involved in drafing a number of agreements relating to various aspects of Commercial Law. We offer an excellent service in this field, which is run by an experienced legal practitioner who has handled many commercial transactions in the country in conjuction with other lawyers. We conduct legal due diligence for prospective investors, localy. The services offered in this department include the following: i) Banking and Financial legal services agreements ii) Drafting agreements, contracts , leases and other legal documents iii) Debt collection iv) Company formation , liquidation claims v) Mergers, acquisitions, restructuring vi) Due diligence services , legal opinions Litigation: (a) Labour Law (b) Civil Law Civil procedure is the body of law that sets out the rules and standards that courts follow when adjudicating civil lawsuits (as opposed to procedures in criminal law matters). These rules govern how a lawsuit or case may be commenced. i) Damages computation and claims ii) Labour disputes involving disciplinary hearings, arbitration, court hearing, terminal benefits. iii) Family law disputes , divorce, separation, antenuptial contracts, maintenance, domestic violence, property division and damages for adultery or seduction, children’s rights [custody, guardianship , support etc] (c) Criminal Law i) Bails, trials , appeals ii) Attendance at police station, and prisons Conveyancing and Notarial Practice: This department deals with the i) Drafting and lodging of Transfer Deeds, bonds, deeds search, application for lost /defaced deeds, assisting in obtaining capital gains tax clearance and rates clearance certificates. It also does, ii) Drafting notarial deeds of trust, donation and change of name, wills, powers of attorney and general authentication Our turn around time is very impressive after the client has supplied all the required documents. Administration of Deceased Estate i) Executors and Administrators ii) Will writing and advices iii) Estate Transfers Immigration and Citizenship i) Handling immigration legal issues ii) Citizenship issues

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91 Livingstone Ave, Cnr 8th and Livingstone Ave Harare

Tel: 04 251247 ,04 251337,04 251247-9 | Mobile: 08644116325 | Fax: 04 251356

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