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105 Jason Moyo Avenue, P. O. Box 2894Harare
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Eagle Insurance Company is a short-term insurance company with vast experience acquired over many years of trading. Its history spans over 45 years in Zimbabwe. The Company incepted as a merger between African Guarantee Insurance and Eagle Star of London to form Rhodesian Eagle in 1965, which was to change to Eagle Insurance at Independence in 1980. Its shareholding structure is comprised of FBC Holdings (95%) and Eagle Pension Fund (5%). Eagle Insurance Co. is one of the leading providers of short term insurance products which suit the changing needs of the modern policyholder. It has grown from strength to strength over the years and its recent entrance into the FBC Holdings Group opened up new opportunities for product development and growth. Eagle Insurance operates three branches in Harare, Bulawayo and Mutare and offers a wide variety of products for its diversified clientele base. Integrity, innovation and honesty remain our core values in all our business transactions. Hospital Cash Plan What is Hospital Cash Plan? The Hospital Cash Plan is a first of its kind in the Zimbabwean Insurance market arena. Hospital Cash Plan is a scheme designed to help cushion your finances when you are admitted into Hospital. * Premiums are $1.50 for adults per month and $1.00 per month for children below the age of 18 years. * Premiums are payable per month in advance by the 5th of every month. Benefits of the Hospital Cash Plan * A cash payout of US$100 for each day for an adult and US$50 for a child for each day spent in hospital when admitted for more than 48 hours. The maximum payout per claim is US$3000.00 for adults per event and US$1500 for children and US6000 and US3000 per year respectively. * Dread disease benefit/Chronic ailments cover eg cancer * Immediate accident cover and three months waiting period for illness * Premiums are payable/month in advance by the 5th of every month * No medical examinations are required Some of the biggest advantages of the hospital plan are: * There is an absolute freedom of choice since one can use the cash in any way they wish to ie paying school fees, utility bills etc * Cash payouts of US$100 and US$50 for adults and kids respectively * Pays up to US$3000 and US$1500 for adults and kids per event you are in hospital (from day 3) * Pre-existing conditions/ailments covered (including HIV/Aids) * Should you be diagnosed with HIV/Aids or any chronic ailment after the commencement of your policy, you will be covered * It can cover shortfalls from medical aid Waiting periods * Immediate cover for accidents (no waiting period). * There is a 3 month waiting period for other illnesses * There is a 6 months waiting period for surgeries. Exclusions * Covers people from 3 months to 64 years * Does not cover pregnancy

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105 Jason Moyo Avenue, P. O. Box 2894Harare

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