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Hatfield House, Seke Road, GranitesideHarare
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ABC Moneylenders is Zimbabwes first truely fast and efficient moneylending business. With ties to the counrtry's oldest, most experienced and successful auctioneering business ABC moneylenders was born out of necessity to provide Zimbabweans with an immediate solution to cash flow problems which would not entail selling ones asset. Whether it be for a funeral, school fees or any other unforeseeable circumstance we pride our selves in being the only moneylender in the country that lends you money while you wait. Our requirements for a loan are simple and easy; 1. The borrower will be required to pledge an asset belonging to them as surety for the loan amount. This pledge must be the property of the borrower and they must show proof of ownership of the item. 2. The borrower must have with them some form of national identification in order to process a loan.

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Hatfield House, Seke Road, GranitesideHarare

Tel: Mobile: 772565887

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