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Rainbow Airlines

2nd Floor Domestic Terminal, Harare International
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OUR VISION MISSION AND OBJECTIVES To be Africa’s preferred airline safely and comfortably connecting people to the rest of Africa and the world. OUR PURPOSE Rainbow Airlines seeks to serve the domestic and regional scheduled and chartered air services for the carriage of passengers, cargo and mail. There is a niche in the market that Rainbow Airlines seeks to serve which is expected to yield good returns for the business. It will occupy the middle market position. The domestic routes are currently being under serviced due to the unreliability of competitor airlines especially and this gives Rainbow Airlines an opportunity to exploit this gap. The airline will procure a brand new aircraft to ensure and this will give it a competitive edge over its competitors some with old aircrafts. Rainbow Airlines would like to be the answer to the frustrations and inconveniences that the market has suffered due to the unreliability and poor customer service from some of the competitor airlines. The following core organizational values must be imbedded in our business to establish a culture capable of achieving our Vision: OUR VALUES INTEGRITY At Rainbow Airlines we recognize that integrity is the quality of being honest, having strong moral principles and setting high ethical standards. We demand this of every member of our team, always. TEAMWORK We are proud of our ability to chase the same goal, drive the same ambition, vision and values, understanding the effects of what we do and the effect it has on the next team member. As team and workmates we continually strive to work as a unit to achieve the desired results. CONSISTENCY We will adhere to laid down policies and procedures in line with our regulatory requirements. PASSION We love what we do. We thrive on making our customers smile. This augers well with being self-driven and a strong desire to exceed customer expectations. RELIABILITY Our word is our promise. We will fulfil customer expectations by being responsive to customer needs. PEOPLE We will create a habitable environment for all our staff to serve with a passion and realize their dreams as they fulfil their organization’s mandate. All employees of Rainbow Airlines, including management executives, work diligently and devote every waking moment to their jobs. Unless we make Rainbow Airlines a company that is rewarding to work for, we will not be able to offer customers the best possible service,nor will we be able to increase corporate value and contribute to society.

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2nd Floor Domestic Terminal, Harare International Airport

Tel: 04 793473 / 04 792555

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