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Medical Aid Society of Central Africa (MASCA)

37 College Road , Alexandra ParkHarare
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Medical Aid Society of Central Africa is a corporate body, constituted in terms of Statutory Instrument 330 of the Medical Services (Medical Aid Societies) regulations 2000. The Society is registered with the Secretary for Health and Child Welfare in terms of the regulations of the Ministry. The Society was founded over sixty years ago by a group of firms that wanted to provide and to meet medical needs of their staff members. They then decided to create a pool into which each member of staff would contribute monthly and be able to draw from whenever the need arose. This fund assumed a national character and currently our members can be found throughout the whole country. The Society has developed a good working relationship with healthcare service providers over the past number of years. The relationship covers all disciplines of healthcare service providers ranging from General Practitioners through to Private Hospitals. These strategic relationships have enabled Masca `s Medical Aid Cards to be accepted without any hassles. MISSION, VALUES & SERVICES OUR MISSION STATEMENT: To be market leaders and commit resources towards providing an integrated and unparalleled quality service and products in relieving fund members of the financial burden consequent upon illness or accident. OUR CORE VALUES: *Commitment to our Staff *Commitment to our Clients *Ethical and professional conduct *Honesty and Reliability *Innovation *Responsible Corporate Citizen The Society values the relationship it has established with its stakeholders – the members and healthcare service providers. It is our intention to provide a transparent and efficient service all the time but inevitably, challenges might be encountered. We therefore welcome suggestions and comments from our stakeholders on how we can improve the service we provide. OUR SERVICES: The Society has developed several packages to cater for every segment of the market. It is important to note that the benefits available to cover your health needs depend on the contribution rate you are able to make. Super Masca This package provides the best local all round cover and is targeted for the executives. It opens doors to the whole range of service providers and gives you access to private wards in private hospitals. Principal Family This package has in mind those of our fund members who are young and are starting out in life. It covers all primary care needs and finally gives you access to private hospitals where your young ones can be welcomed into the world in comfort and safety without hospital maternity shortfalls. It will take care of the coughs and sniffles associated with the young ones as they grow.Downloads Principal Chronic Life is such that some of us will always have chronic medical conditions to deal with. This package will look after such members. It has generous chronic drug benefits that allow you to access that medication you have to take to maintain a healthy life style without worrying too much about running out of benefits. Principal This is the original package from which all packages were crafted & have evolved. It is the flagship of the fund and is the most popular. It provides for all primary health care needs, will give you access to private specialists and diagnostic services. Standard This package attempts to bridge the gap between public healthcare service providers and private ones. It will give you access to all primary health care service providers – public and private. It gives you some cover from private specialist service providers. You are also covered for a limited period in private hospitals. You will be adequately covered in any public healthcare facility. The package will give you access to private primary healthcare practitioners but there is very limited cover under private specialists. It gives you access to Private Hospitals but the shortfall is 40% of the cost of the bill to be

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37 College Road , Alexandra ParkHarare

Tel: 04 744323 / 744325 /744291 / 744307/ 744372| Cell: 0772 236 639 | Fax: 04 744336

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