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Border Timbers Limited

Aberdeen Road P.O. Box 458 MutareMutare
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ABOUT BORDER TIMBERS Ownership Border Timbers Limited was incorporated in 1979 through an amalgamation of three companies namely Border Eastern Forest Estates, Renfee Timbers (Pvt) Limited and Forestry Management Services. Forestry Management Services had taken over plantations that were first established in Imbeza by the British South African Police Company (BSAP Co) in 1924.The BSAP Company increased plantings substantially in 1946 after the Second World War to include the Chimanimani area. Since 1979 the Border Timbers Limited has grown the plantation size to the current +/-48000 hectares. Border Timbers is a subsidiary of the the Rift Valley Corporation and is listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange. Divisions The company has two divisions which are the Forestry and Sawmilling divisions. The forestry division manages a total of five estates .Tilbury; Charter and Sawerombe are in Chimanimani area to the south of Mutare town while Imbeza and Sheba are to the north in the Pennalonga area. Logs harvested by the division are processed at the three sawmills namely, Charter, Tilbury and Sheba. The first sawmill was established at Charter in 1953 and today it is one of the largest and most modern sawmills in Southern Africa. The sawmilling division has capacity to process 300 000m3 of saw logs annually. The Nyakamete Pole Treatment plant produces different types of treated poles which are sold on the local as well as the export market. Environmental Management In all its operations Border Timbers is guided by an Environmental Management Policy that ensures minimal damage to the environmemt, provides a safe working environment for all its employees and ensures safe disposal of all waste. The company manages its plantations to the highest forestry standard practices. Waste is mainly used in both steam and power generation. Any excess waste generated is disposed of in designated dump site. Social responsibility Border Timbers employees in excess of 2500 workers on a full time basis. An additional 500 employees work for the company on a seasonal basis. Most of the employees are from neighbouring communities. The company takes a keen interest in the health and safety of its workforce. All employees have access to medical clinics that are operated by the company and they are periodically issued with protective clothing. A working environment where every individual has an opportunity to achieve their potential prevails at all operations. At all rural operations the company operates schools that provide an education for employeesÂ’ children as well as those of neighbouring communities.

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Aberdeen Road P.O. Box 458 MutareMutare

Tel: Landline: 20 64224 | Fax: 20 64142,\20 65107

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